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Transform your strategy into action and results

Break down strategy into executable "chunks of work" that delivers real results.
Experience real Growth, Innovation, and Long-Term Success.

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Results delivered like you have never seen

Strategic planning is a crucial component for any organization's success, whether big or small. StratifyPro's Strategy Plan helps organizations determine their goals, make them actionable and measureable, allocate resources efficiently, and set a clear direction for growth.
Streamline Planning Process

Use our AI assistant to help quickly break down strategic goals into measurable, trackable and executable goals with detailed actions and KPIs. 

Track Strategy execution
Track progress towards strategic goals in real-time using dashboards and reporting across the entire organization.
Communicate & Collaborate
Enable team members to work together on strategic plans, share ideas, and provide feedback. 
Strategy Planning, quick and painless
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The StratifyPro AI Assistant will help you develop a data-driven strategy, tailored to your industry and key challenges. 

Our platform will conform to fit your model, framework and current processes.

Categorize goals, KPIs, projects and actions base don how you want to track them 

Break down silos - Share and link goals across multiple plans enhacning clarity

Evaluate & Monitor Progress
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Automate your strategy execution process so you can do more with less effort.

Measure health and progress of all initiatives - we do all the calculations for you in real time

See all activities on all plans and initiatives with a single mouse click

See whats on Track and replan using kanban and other views in the Strategy Plan

Groups and teams all in synch

Permissioning and access control allows groups and users to collaborate intelligently on the same plans

Third party tools integrations - StratifyPro comes to work where you do

Communicate with scheduled update intervals, commenting tools, and more

We are always adding more collaboration tools - tell us what you wnat and we will get it done

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