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What is a 
Strategy  Execution Platform?

Ditch the spreadsheets and endless meetings. StratifyPro unifies your team around a clear plan, empowering faster action and adaptation. Focus on what matters: knowing your entire team is aligned and delivering their best work, every day.

Strategic Planning Process.png

Integrate with the Tools you Already Use

Google Sheets           Microsoft Excel             Salesforce             Jira

There are three main parts to strategy planning & execution software

Our founders tackled complex issues at industry giants, experiencing the everyday struggles of leaders across departments. That's why they built StratifyPro.

Our PLAN, EXECUTE, EVALUATE approach has empowered countless companies to achieve greater Clarity, Execution, and Efficiency turning vision into reality.

VNCDesigner Create Strategy


Break down silos in your planning process with StratifyPro frameworks helping you develop a data-driven strategy.

Every plan, goal, action, project and KPI in one place

Structured plans - top down and bottom up

Full transparency. Understood accountability

VNCDesigner Execute Strategy


9 our of 10 organizations fail to execute their strategic plan. With StratifyPro, turn your strategic plans into breakthrough results.

Seamless transition from strategy to execution

Laser focus on knowing where work is aligned

Easy integration to your current tools 

VNCDesigner measure strategy


Shift from tracking tasks to driving outcomes with StratifyPro's action-oriented real time data-driven insights, dashboards and reports

Automated strategic reporting based on the KPIs, goals, and scorecards

Instant real-time dashboards for every aspect of business

Simplify complexity with powerful visualizations

A Single Strategy Planning & Execution Platform 
Strategic Planning Process.png

StratifyPro strategy planning & execution software allows you to reduce costs and improve efficiency through the integration of different software tools into a single platform.

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