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KPI Starter Template  Library

Check out our huge collection of KPI starter templates for almost any industry. With dozens to pick from, there is something for everyone - 100% free.

Business Verticals

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Startup companies can use these KPIs to find ways they can expand their sales and achieve sustained financial health.

Startup KPIs

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Startup KPIs


Start with this Balanced Scorecard for a retail bank - emerging trends, possible response strategies, and relevant KPIs.

Banking KPIs

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Energy KPIs

Create a sustainable strategy that will optimize old operations and address the challenges from renewable energy and beyond


Here are the best marketing KPIs, how to calculate them, and how to align marketing with a company’s strategy.

Marketing KPIs

Startup KPIs

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Sales scorecard with KPIs divided into three levels: 1. Process-oriented metrics. 2. Result-oriented indicators. 3. Big picture KPIs.

Sales KPIs

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Social Media KPIs

Track the pulse of your social media marketing with KPIs and align performance indicators with your business strategy.

Sales & Marketing


Balanced Scorecard that CEOs can use to start building their own strategy execution and performance measurements.


Startup KPIs

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Demonstrate the tangible business impact of digital transformation to the executive team, stakeholders and customers.

Digital Transformation KPIs


Leadership Effectiveness 

Measure leadership effectiveness with KPIs grouped into three perspectives – Strategy, Team, and Leader’s Growth. 



IT isn't just about "uptime" anymore. This scorecard is a well-defined and balanced set of indicators - a good starting point


Startup KPIs

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Track and improve the effectiveness of project management with KPIs starting with these  performance metrics 

Project Mgmt KPIs


Cybersecurity KPIs

A strategy scorecard with performance indicators that addresses the emerging trends of cybersecurity.

General Business

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