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A Strategic Planner's Job is ...

A strategic planner’s job is to understand the nature of change in an industry’s competitive dynamics, and to identify potential disruptions and gaps ­– including within capability development, resource allocations, human resources, operational, and budget planning - and turn that into execution and a competitive advantage. StratifyPro helps today’s strategic planners make execution a competitive advantage.

StratifyPro's Story

StratifyPro is based on a new era of strategy planning and execution.
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The creation of StratifyPro happened from the painful reality realized by our founding team as hands on CTOs and CIOs working closely with visionaries transforming long-term vision into reality.

We saw first hand, how traditional strategic planning became an impediment to, rather than a tool for, attaining corporate objectives. Excel, Powerpoint, and all the "productivity" tools out there don't actually help you succeed - they just help you to ‘do more stuff’. So, rather than a unified short, medium and long term "actionable" plan, they were left with frustrated executives and a plan that lacked actionable conclusions on executive actions and board level decisions.

Although teams and departments usually conducted quarterly long and expensive meetings focused on strategic planning, they often leave with disjointed slides and spreadsheets that get filed under "G" for garbage days later. These disappointing results of corporate strategy effort, and the inability of many organizations to read weak signals of change, eventually causes businesses to fail and leaders ending careers. 

This is why we built StratifyPro based on a new era of strategy planning and execution. StratifyPro is AI Powered and designed to help organizations work as a team, collaborate and make sense of, and respond to, the emerging pattern of threats and opportunities, and to use this understanding to both see potential disruptions and capitalize on opportunities that are in their blind spots.

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The New Era of Strategy Planning and Execution.

Our StratifyPro founders have been developing, practicing and redefining applied strategic planning and execution for more than 3 decades. These concepts are well beyond their infancy and are baked into StratifyPro at the core.  We have developed a sophisticated method, process, and tools to deliver desired outcomes in the StratifyPro platform that our clients use successfully and is central to their strategic planning and execution.  We have also decided to build StratifyPro with A.I. at the core - a member of your team working together. This is how you do strategy !

StratifyPro is Focused on Helping You Make Better Business Decisions

Strategy and Operations Leaders are responsible to ensure their company can grow today well into the future. Yet, for many companies, they are not prepared to handle strategic planning in this new era and often experience disappointing results when trying.

In most cases, these are solid leaders who know their industry and business inside and out ... but lack the best strategy tools to perform at the highest levels needed. 

If you were a developer, would you imagine a day without tools like Jira? If you were a sales person, would you go a day without your favorite CRM?  So why would you expect your best leaders responsible for strategy to execute without the best solutions available today?

Meet StratifyPro. The leading Strategic Planning and Execution software platform built to help high growth companies communicate their vision, create alignment, and track performance all in one place. It is the solution where decisions are made, and great companies are built.

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