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Plan, Track, Thrive

Streamline your planning process and gain real-time insights into progress. StratifyPro centralizes everything in one place, making it effortless to track your plan's execution and adapt as needed.

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Integrate with the Tools you Already Use

Designed Just for You

Digital & Business Transformation

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For Strategic Planners

Streamline data collection to focus on what matters most - actionable insights into achieving your strategic goals.

For Team Members

Connect your daily tasks to the company's vision for the future.

Align & Empower

Make strategy a living document: Maintain a digital platform where everyone can access your strategy and core metrics in real-time.

Align with themes: Unify your team around a shared vision. First, define your key strategic themes. Next, create a clear picture of how each activity contributes to the bigger picture.

Bridge the gap: between team projects and company goals by nesting key outcomes for detailed planning and breaking objectives down into achievable milestones.

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Digital & Dynamic

Set Goals: Turn ambitious goals into achievable steps with time-boxed projects, tasks, and targets.

Evaluate Health of Initiatives: Track progress towards strategic goals and hold yourself accountable by monitoring the effectiveness of your activities.

Align your teams: Seamlessly connect plans to show how everyone contributes to the bigger picture.


Track Progress to Results

Effortless KPI tracking: See your progress towards goals and get projected milestones based on your timeline. Stay on course, no sweat.

Boost team engagement with scheduled check-ins: Their qualitative updates add depth to your results, revealing the "why" behind the numbers.

Celebrate wins, track progress: Generate tailored reports summarizing outcomes and health of your plans. See how far you've come and what's next.

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Beyond the Tech

Struggling to translate strategy into action? StratifyPro goes beyond software. Our expert Services help you develop a clear roadmap, even if you're not using our platform. Discover how we can empower you to turn your strategic plan into a reality.

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