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Supercharge your OKRs

Drive Breakthrough Strategy Execution. StratifyPro takes OKRs beyond goal setting, transforming them into an engine for company-wide strategy execution.

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Integrate with the Tools you Already Use

Designed Just for You

OKRs with StratifyPro

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For Strategy Managers

Empower Your Team to Drive the Mission. StratifyPro fosters a shared understanding of your organization's purpose, empowering
your team to take ownership and actively contribute to its success.

For Team Members

Focus on decision-making. Make Informed Decisions, Faster. StratifyPro empowers
you to understand team priorities at a glance, allowing for quicker and more informed business decisions.

Cultivate a Results Oriented Mindset

Craft Powerful OKRs: StratifyPro prioritizes your key business metrics during goal creation, ensuring your OKRs drive clear, impactful results.

Align OKRs to Strategy Seamlessly.  Set strategic themes as focus areas and easily nest OKRs for each team, ensuring perfect alignment across your organization.

Simplify OKR Creation with Standardized Structure. StratifyPro uses pre-set OKR terminology, streamlining the process and fostering clear communication across all teams.

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Measure what Matters

Connect Metrics to Action: Uncover the impact of individual activities by linking high-level metrics to key results. See what truly drives progress.

Track Progress Effortlessly: Set meaningful success measures for each goal and leverage automated updates to monitor progress with ease.

Customizable Success Reports: Generate clear, modular reports across your plans – summarize outcomes, track health, and measure progress towards your goals.

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Simlify OKR Management

See All Your OKRs, All at Once: Gain a centralized view of all OKRs across your business, allowing for effortless monitoring and performance tracking.

Streamline Your OKR Cycle: Set custom OKR cadences with automated prompts for updates and monthly check-ins, ensuring consistent goal management.

Adapt and Respond with Agility: Easily adjust OKRs on the fly to address changing business needs while maintaining a clear historical record for future reference.

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Beyond the Tech

Struggling to leverage OKRs for effective strategy execution? StratifyPro goes beyond software. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to craft high-quality, scalable OKRs, and sets you up for success – even outside our platform. Discover how our Services can guide you through the entire process, ensuring your OKRs drive real results.

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