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Make your Strategy more visible and aligned

Visibility into the company's strategic plan and goals to every team member across various levels with a bottom-up, collaborative, aligned approach defines your company's success story.

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Alignment like never before 

Ever wonder if all company contributions complement the overall success of your organization? Are their efforts adding value to the overall Strategy plan? These lead to the answers on alignment. With StratifyPro, you can see every plan aligned across your organization. Rather than a top-down approach, a bottom-up, collaborative, aligned approach from StratifyPro defines the company's success story.
Understand Dependencies

Visualize how strategic plans, goals and sub-components of the strategy impact each other - at every level.

Improve Resource Allocation
Clearly identify If your organization is investing effort into projects that are tied to your strategic goals
Gain confidence in the Plan
Reduce risk and remove problems early by measuring the right things with the right measurements.
Visualize all your plans on one page
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Ensure your work is aligned with the company's vision and goals by visualizing whats aligned and what not aligned.

Understand how all efforts impact progress and contribute to the high-level plans.

Identify gaps and risks in the execution of the plans with health and execution scoring

Make informed decisions on prioritizing work and effectiveness with ability to align plans

Identify & Fill Gaps and Risks

Recognize unaligned activities in your strategy; quickly address goals that are off track

See how operational goals connect to strategic outcomes (and don't)

Revise and adapt goals easily as the strategy evolves 

Dive Deep with visibility, clarity, and context and help in making informed decisions.

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Track and measure progress
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Take the "pulse" of your strategy at any level - be it goal, Action, Project or KPI.

Get visibility and context into the performance of your strategy.

Clearly connect day-to-day goal management to the bigger picture.

Avoid duplicative work across your teams with cross-functional views.

Prioritize and adapt early in the cycle for effective execution of your strategy.

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