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Elevate your Plan into Execution


Turn execution into your competitive advantage. Set your plans into execution motion with StratifyPro's Balanced Scorecards and advanced OKRs and Goal Alignment capabilities.

There are three main parts to StratifyPro's execution with goal cascading and alignment 

Simplify OKRs, Align your Strategy

StratifyPro eliminates the learning curve and empowers you to customize goal alignment for your unique needs. Achieve flawless strategy execution with effortless OKR management.

Goals to Actions to Results

StratifyPro bridges the gap between strategic goals and daily actions. Empower your team to see the impact of their work – in real-time.

Chart your Company Course

StratifyPro empowers proactive decision-making by aligning your team with your strategy. Achieve optimal results and adapt quickly to changing landscapes.

Communicate your vision with Strategic Goal Cascading & Alignment (OKRs)

OKRs have evolved with StratifyPro. Our strategy maps retrofit typical OKRs and Balanced scorecards with context, cascading and alignment functions to help hit your goals faster. Don't settle for less!

Cascade goals with ease across teams right in your strategy plans

Effortless Goal Alignment 

Ditch the spreadsheets and complex maps. StratifyPro streamlines goal setting for flawless cascading, alignment and execution.

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Align your teams to your company OKRs focused on Key Results

StratifyPro shatters information barriers, fostering seamless collaboration across your entire organization. Align your teams with turbo-charged OKRs that link seamlessly to your company strategy. Gain real-time visibility into progress, ensuring every action contributes to your overall goals. StratifyPro even helps you identify and nurture promising offshoot opportunities.

Align your Plans with ease

Embrace Agility, Conquer Change. StratifyPro empowers you to adapt to shifting priorities with ease. Proactively manage risk and course-correct as needed. Keep everyone informed with real-time updates and notifications.

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Introducing StratifyPro Strategic Cascading &  Alignment 

Unleash the Power of OKRs. 

StratifyPro supercharges your OKRs with context, cascading, and seamless alignment. Achieve your goals faster and ditch the limitations of traditional OKR implementation.

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Stay Aligned through the entire Process

Effortless Strategy. Powerful Results. StratifyPro streamlines your strategic planning process from vision to execution. Set long-term goals, track quarterly progress, and achieve success – all in one user-friendly platform.

Experience a seamless transition from strategy to execution

Laser focus on knowing where work is aligned

Delegate goals easily when needed

Easy integration with your current tools

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