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Hit your Numbers Everytime

StratifyPro's Dashboards & Reports quantifies your decision making by providing a real time and accurate picturE of your strategic performance. 


Stay Aligned with your Business

Once the plan is in place, tStratifyPro's dashboards and reports software guides you through the process of being accountable for achieving success providing real time views across your business goals and teh ability to make adjustments as you go.
Take action in Real time 

Decision-making like you have never seen before ... monitor critical information and make adjustments in real time.

Customize what you need
Make your dashboards and reports contain the content and visibility you need. All the information is at your fingertips.
Tranparency across the org
Collaborate with stakeholders and any user or group on your startegy.  Set individual permissions as needed.
Effortlessly focus on Performance

Select from an array of charts and graph "widgets" and customize information with ease base don your needs.

Create unlimited combinations of widgets and dashboards for powerful decision-making.

In minutes, create data references form across  strategic plans across the entire company. 

dashboard widgets.png
Capture what you need

Add and use any widget in your report drilling down or up to understand trends and issues while adding narratives

Show the information asyou need it. Group it, move it, slice it up. 

Store all your reports for use later so you can compare changes

Focus on Transparency

Share reports or dashboards with any user and/or group with as simple click of the mouse

Use StratifyPro's report editor to easily craft beautiful reports anyone would be proud of.

Use the comments feature to open up a conversation and collaborate in real time

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