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PLAN Your Dynamic Strategy

Chart Your Course to Growth. StratifyPro empowers you to create actionable, customized plans. Align your team and achieve concrete business goals.

Break down Silo's.
Create your Plan for Action

Break Down Silos, Build Strategy Together. StratifyPro shatters information barriers, enabling seamless collaboration on your strategic plan. Document, share, and visualize critical elements – all in one place. The result? A clear, compelling roadmap for success.

The perfect framework

Your Framework, or Ours? StratifyPro adapts to your existing strategy, or leverage our proven framework - the best of BSC and OKRs - to turn ideas into reality.

An "actionable" strategy

Make Adjustments with Ease: StratifyPro simplifies strategy execution with clear visibility across your business. Track progress, make data-driven decisions, and keep your plans on track.

Stay connected with the team

Streamline communication, unify your team. StratifyPro keeps everyone on the same page with seamless updates across teams. Plus, leverage powerful third-party integrations for automatic data syncing.

Company-wide Planning with an Intuitive Framework

Move Beyond Annual Checklists. StratifyPro's Plan Building process fosters ongoing engagement, not just a yearly box-ticking exercise. Craft a strategic plan that inspires and unites your employees. 

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Use Interconnected strategy functional scorecards

Create all strategy plans and share them with your colleagues ... all in one place!

Centralized Scorecard Management: Create, manage, and access all your plans in a single, convenient location.

Organize with Granular Control: Group plans for easy navigation and assign access rights at the group, plan, or even individual KPI level.

Actionable Insights: Gain a clear view of high-level performance data for your most critical plan KPIs.

Mission & Vision Alignment: Ensure your plans reflect your organization's mission, vision, and values for a unified strategic approach.

Pre-built Templates: Save time and leverage industry expertise with pre-built plan templates encompassing popular frameworks and industry verticals.

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Create your entire strategy following a proven process

Simplify strategy, amplify results. StratifyPro's framework streamlines planning, empowers data-driven decisions, and helps you continuously measure and improve your business.

Effortless KPI Setup: Assign values, baselines, targets, units, and initiatives – all within StratifyPro.

Data Import Made Easy: Seamlessly import your KPI data directly from tools like MS Excel and Google Sheets.

Alignment at a Glance: Automatically generate visual maps highlighting plan and goal alignment and areas requiring focus. Drill down for deeper insights.

Ditch the Spreadsheets (Finally!): Create, edit, and manage KPIs within StratifyPro. Specify measurement scales and optimization functions, all in one place.

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Create a Unified View of your Strategy 

Ditch the Spreadsheets, Embrace Strategic Agility.

StratifyPro replaces endless presentations and static spreadsheets with a single, dynamic platform. Build a clear, intuitive strategy that's easy to share and keeps your team on the same page.

Real-time Visibility, Informed Decisions.
Gain instant insights into your entire business – from thriving initiatives to potential roadblocks. StratifyPro empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Unified View: Consolidate perspectives, strategic themes, goals, and KPIs – a complete picture of your business strategy in one central location.

Cause & Effect Clarity: Uncover the connections within your performance data with clear cause-and-effect linkages.

Actionable Insights, Delivered: Supercharge critical meetings with ready-made and real-time reports, empowering informed decision-making.

High-Velocity Strategy: Make data-driven choices faster than ever before with StratifyPro's intuitive performance management tools.

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Improve Progress Through Goal Alignment and Collaboration 

Break Down Silos, Achieve Goals Faster.

StratifyPro shatters departmental barriers. Connect goals across different scorecards and teams seamlessly. Tag team members and scorecards during the planning stage to proactively identify potential roadblocks and accelerators. The result? Faster goal achievement through a truly collaborative approach.

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Create a Balanced Plan with StratifyPro

Make smarter decisions, faster.


StratifyPro leverages and conmbines the best of OKRs and Balanced Scorecard framework to empower you with a holistic view of your business.

Proactively identify potential roadblocks and opportunities during the planning phase, avoiding costly surprises down the line.

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Control How Your Plan is Shared

StratifyPro goes beyond one-level planning. Create teams around specific stratigies, plans or groups, fostering focused collaboration. Our integrated tools enable seamless communication of strategic plans across the company. Cascading and linking goals ensures everyone understands their role and how their work contributes to the bigger picture. The result? A unified team, perfectly aligned for success.


Build your Plan

StratifyPro shatters information barriers, fostering company-wide collaboration on your strategic plan. Unify your team with a proven framework (choose yours or use ours), and create a single source of truth for your strategy. Drive breakthrough results with clear visibility and seamless collaboration – all in one place.

Flexible Frameworks: Choose from our proven StratifyPro framework or familiar options like BSC or OKRs.

Centralized Organization: Manage goals, projects, actions, and KPIs in one location for easy tracking and access.

Strategic to Operational Drill-Down: Expand your strategy from high-level to operational details. Add plans, contribute to goals, and break down big-picture plans into measurable actions.

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