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Evaluate Your Strategy with Dashboards & Reports

StratifyPro helps you make better decisions with more complete information. Dynamic strategic reports and dashboards enable you to execute more effectively by learning from your mistakes.

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Make better decisions, faster

StratifyPro is your strategy's single source of truth. Connect all of your data, and visualize it alongside your strategic projects to get an accurate picture of what's happening and why. Identify roadblocks and opportunities within your strategy in real-time, and adapt quickly—all in one place.

See all players on the field

See which teams and individuals are working well, and which need help. Take action to adapt quickly.

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Advanced KPIs and metrics

Get an insightful blend of qualitative and quantitative insights from your strategic initiatives alongside the business context.

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Real-time metrics & KPIs

Quickly understand the state of your plans with dashboards and reports. Precisely measure progress against your KPIs.

Powerful strategy dashboards, any way you like them.

No matter the audience, you can build the perfect strategy dashboard. See everything in one place with configurable 4-blocker dashboards. Share your dashboards with anyone you like - both inside and outside the organization. Embed insights into web pages and presentations.

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Identify Opportunities for Growth

You spend too much time building your strategic plan only to have it sit in your file cabinet. Bring your plan to reality with StratifyPro’s Dashboards and Reporting understanding what’s working and what’s not to make better business decisions.


Build on past results

Don’t lose sight of where you’ve been. Custom reporting and date filters allow you to look back on past performance and metrics to guide future decisions.

Report on company success and know where to focus on improvements

As you close out a quarter, don’t let the opportunity to highlight key wins and learnings pass you by. With Reporting in StratifyPro share team performance and summarize how the company executed the strategic plan.

Get more out of your planning

Create an end-to-end lifecycle for your dynamic planning. Our team will partner alongside you to help transition quarters, audit future objectives, and evolve your structure as you grow.


Get real time data to make better decisions, faster

Powered by automated goal tracking, visualize KPI scorecards and more on highly customisable dashboards. See your data, the way you want, in graph, table, gantt formats and more.

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