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The Innovation of Metrics in StratifyPro

The vision of StratifyPro's Metrics File System is to bring all your metrics under one roof, thereby providing visibility into overall business health and the ability to track, report on and identify the non-performing business metrics - all in real time ... as well as over time.
Bring it under one roof

No more searching DBs and other tools for metrics data. StratifyPro brings it all in one place

Set a new higher Standard

Combine old metrics and create new ones delivering big picture impact, team accountability  and greater value tracking

Align your KPIs to your Strategy

Connect all your KPIs into company wide metrics enabling business continuity and strategic governance

Organize metrics in one place
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Bring all your metrics under one roof. StratifyPro displays all your metrics as individual files within our Metrics system. These metric files each contain all the company-wide data you need to set benchmarks and analyze impacts. No more need to ask IT to get historical data from the archives - now its all at your fingertips. And its all ready to be used to align your strategic vision.

Easily Create New Metrics
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We know that KPIs are specific to a strategic plan or specific goal - this is their purpose. But you still want to harness all KPIs data to assess company wide performance YoY, MoM and so on. The StratifyPro Metrics File System addresses these pain points with metrics that can be reused long term by different KPIs and tracked independently regardless of KPIs availability.

Track and measure progress
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Metrics are not time bound, but KPIs are. Metrics provide a way for leaders to see the big picture where KPIS are plan or goal focused by themselves. The StratifyPro Metrics File System provides an easy way to track the entire company's progress so you can make better business decisions. Set KPIs into Metrics providing company wide visibility into all time bound initiatives, and track real time progress of long term and short term targets. 

StratifyPro Metrics File System with Intelligence

Imagine getting what you actually need where you get all your metrics in one place while setting a standard of excellence that aligns data perfectly to your strategic story. Welcome to StratifyPro's Metrics File System. 

Let StratifyPro's Experts Help you get Started

Our strategic planning experts have helped countless Strategy and Operations leaders create, execute and measure world-class strategic plans. With guidance along every step of the way, StratifyPro can unlock growth by taking your planning to the next level.

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See Metrics File System for Real

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