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5 of the Most Powerful Strategy  Business Frameworks 

These time-endured business frameworks will add to your toolkit and give you a strong understanding to formulate and execute better business strategies.  We help you choose a strategy framework that best fits your business needs.


While a strategic planning model describes each of the elements of a coherent strategy - what they do, how they fit together and in what order - A strategic planning framework refers to the conceptual approach you will bring to populating your strategic plan​. Frameworks are essentially methodologies that you can apply to help you come up with your goals, as well as categorize your goals to ensure they’re balanced and will meet your needs. You may use many frameworks within a model to achieve specific objectives. 

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SWOT Analysis

Identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as a visual representation that helps create a strategic plan that accounts for growth and prepares for threats. 


PEST Analysis

Similar to the SWOT analysis except PEST's primary focus is on external factors and solutions connected to your business’s success.

  • Political: Taxes, trade tariffs, conflicts

  • Economic: Interest, inflation, growth patterns 

  • Social: Demographics, education, media

  • Technological: Communication, IT, R&D ...

  • Legal: Regulatory, consumer protection ...

  • Environmental: Climate, location ...

VRIO analysis

VRIO Analysis

Designed to help evaluate competitive advantages by examining your resources 4 ways:.

  • Valuable: Will your resources create value ?

  • Rare: Are the resources rare and a differentiator?

  • Inimitable: Are your resources unique? 

  • Organization:  Are your resources organized for value, rarity, and inimitability?


Balanced Scorecard

We take a holistic approach well beyond only looking at financial performance that includes 

  • Customers satisfaction and retention

  • Financial performance

  • Internal workflow - quality and efficiency

  • Organizational effectiveness - culture, infrastructure, technology, and people

The output is an outline of your mission, vision, and values providing knowledge to making the right decisions to implement your strategy/plan.

balanced scorecard

Objectives & Key Results

Designed to help your organization set and achieve goals. It provides an holistic approach that's used to connect your team’s work to your organization’s big-picture goals.  When team members understand how their individual work contributes to the organization’s success, they tend to be more motivated and produce better results and successful Strategy implementation.

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